Ghent, Belgium
30 June - 2 July 1999


A Non-specificity Measure for Convex Sets of Probability Distributions.
Joaquin Abellan and Serafin Moral

Learning in prevision Space
Stefan Arnborg

Globally Least Favorable Pairs and Neyman-Pearson Testing under Interval Probability
Thomas Augustin

Implicative Analysis for Multivariate Binary Data using an Imprecise Dirichlet Model
Jean-Marc Bernard

A Generalization of the Fundamental Theorem of de Finetti for Imprecise Conditional Probability Assessments
Veronica Biazzo and Angelo Gilio

Sharing Beliefs: Between Agreeing and Disagreeing
Antoine Billot, Alain Chateauneuf, Itzhak Gilboa, and Jean-Marc Tallon

Plausibility and Belief Measures Induced by Kripke Models
Veselka Boeva, Elena Tsiporkova, and Bernard De Baets

A Review of Propagation Algorithms for Imprecise Probabilities
Andres Cano and Serafin Moral

Axiomatic Characterization of Partial Ordinal Relations
Andrea Capotorti and Barbara Vantaggi

Open-frame Dempster Conditioning for Incomplete Interval Probabilities
Paola Castellan and Andrea Sgarro

Ambiguity Reduction Through new Statistical Data
Alain Chateauneuf and Jean-Christophe Vergnaud

Consumption / Pollution Tradeoffs under Hard Uncertainty and Irreversibility
Morgane Cheve and Ronan Congar

An Experimental Study of Updating Ambiguous Beliefs
Michèle Cohen, Itzack Gilboa, Jean-Yves Jaffray, and David Schmeidler

Coherent Upper and Lower Bayesian Updating
Giulianella Coletti and Romano Scozzafava

Lower Desirability Functions: A Convenient Imprecise Hierarchical Uncertainty Model
Gert de Cooman

Examples of Independence for Imprecise Probabilities
Inés Couso, Serafín Moral, and Peter Walley

Computing Posterior Upper Expectations
Fabio Gagliardi Cozman

Totally Monotone Core and Products of Monotone Measures
Dieter Denneberg

Applications of Possibility and Evidence Theory in Civil Engineering
Thomas Fetz, Michael Oberguggenberger, and Simon Pittschmann

An Outline of a Comparative Foundation to Ambiguity Aversion
Paolo Ghirardato and Massimo Marinacci

Upper Approximation of Non-additive Measures by k-additive Measures --- The Case of Belief Functions
Michel Grabisch

Probabilistic Satisfiability with Imprecise Probabilities
Pierre Hansen, Brigitte Jaumard, Marcus Poggi de Aragão, Fabien Chauny, and Sylvain Perron

A Generalization of the Concept of Markov Decision Process to Imprecise Probabilities
David Harmanec

Rational Decision Making With Imprecise Probabilities
Jean-Yves Jaffray

Coherent Models for Discrete Possibilistic Systems
Hugo J. Janssen, Gert de Cooman, and Etienne E. Kerre

Demand for Insurance, Imprecise Probabilities and Ambiguity Aversion
Meglena Jeleva

Possibilistic Systems Within a General Information Theory
Cliff Joslyn

Applying Non-parametric Robust Bayesian Analysis to Non-opiniated Judicial Neutrality
Joseph B. Kadane, Elias Moreno, Maria Eglee Perez, and Luis Raul Pericchi

Nonlinear Filtering of Convex Sets of Probability Distributions
John Kenney and Wynn Stirling

Uncertainty and Information Measures for Imprecise Probabilities: An Overview
George J. Klir

Imprecise Probabilities Relating to Prior Reliability Assessments
Igor Kozine

Modeling Ellsberg's Paradox in Vague-Vague Cases
Karen M. Kramer and David V. Budescu

Imprecise and Indeterminate Probabilities
Isaac Levi

Treatment Choice Under Ambiguity Induced by Inferential Problems
Charles F. Manski

Upper Probabilities and Additivity
Massimo Marinacci

A survey of some applications of the idea of ambiguity aversion in economics
Sujoy Mukerji

The Aggregation of Imprecise Probabilities
Robert F. Nau

Ignorance and Rational Choice
Klaus Nehring

On the Distribution of Natural Probability Functions
Jeff Paris, P.N.Watton, and George Wilmers

Towards an Operational Interpretation of Fuzzy Measures
Fernando Reche and Antonio Salmerón

How Sets of Coherent Probabilities may Serve as Models for Degrees of Incoherence
Mark J. Schervish, Teddy Seidenfeld, and Joseph B. Kadane

Human Judgment under Sample Space Ignorance
Michael Smithson, Thomas Bartos, and KazuhisaTakemura

Imprecise Reliability Models for the General Lifetime Distribution Classes
Lev V. Utkin and Sergey V. Gurov

Conditional Independence Relations in Possibility Theory
Jiøina Vejnarová

Epistemic Independence for Imprecise Probabilities
Paolo Vicig

Partial Probability: Theory and Applications
Frans Voorbraak

Dempster-Belief Functions Are Based on the Principle of Complete Ignorance
Peter P. Wakker

Towards a Unified Theory of Imprecise Probability
Peter Walley

The Theory of Interval-Probability as a Unifying Concept for Uncertainty
Kurt Weichselberger

A Logic of Extended Probability
Nic Wilson

A Credal Approach to Naive Classification
Marco Zaffalon